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Our Attorneys at Law shines in Civil Litigation

 Attorneys at Law in Civil Litigation

When personal or business civil law matters turn into complex legal problems, consult a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney to protect your best interests

The unforeseeable risks and complex regulatory framework of today’s business world means that these disputes have become one of its inevitable features. Whenever the dispute has a link to Albania, be it an Albania law office, the application of Albanian law or evidence or assets located in Albania, Tirana Law Office - Frasheri Law Firm – as one of the most well-known litigation firms in Albania – naturally is the first firm to call

Dispute resolution

Our dispute resolution professionals in Tirana and other important cities of Albania are qualified to appear before all offices of public administration and courts of Albania, including all appellate courts. Our attorneys also regularly represent clients in proceedings before Supreme Court in Tirana.

The daily work of our litigation attorneys consists on injunctions, pre-trial attachments, enforcement of foreign judgments, insolvency proceedings and international judicial assistance. We frequently advise clients involved in foreign litigation (especially in the EU and UK) and handle Albania law issues arising in foreign litigation. We have particular experience handling disputes in the following areas of practice: distribution, franchising, joint ventures, competition and antitrust, securities, corporate, professional responsibility, finance and banking, insurance and pensions, construction and engineering, real estate, international sales and transport, and product liability tort, fraud and asset recovery, divorce, sport, employment, M&A-related claims, intellectual property, information and communications technology as well as tax and regulatory issues.

The size of our litigation team allows us to build specialized teams of professionals for each specific case. Clients always have the same attorney or the same team working on their cases, and the Partner in charge is always aware of the current status of the case. Our approach to dispute resolution involves the client as an important member of the team: our strategy is established in mutual discussion with the client, which also has the advantage of keeping costs down.


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Alternative Methods for Effective Dispute Resolution

Konfliktet e vazhdueshme që mbeten të pazgjidhura me kalimin e kohës do të ndikojnë negativisht dhe në mënyrë të konsiderueshme në gëzimin e qetë të çështjeve personale dhe të biznesit tuaj. Siguria juridike e pasurive dhe të drejtave tuaja reale mbi to është shqetësimi ynë. Gjetja e zgjidhjeve për mosmarrëveshjet tregtare ose personale kërkon përfaqësim të aftë ligjor për të garantuar që të drejtat dhe pasuritë tuaja janë të mbrojtura në mënyrën e duhur. Firma Ligjore Frashëri, ofron zgjidhjen e mosmarrëveshjeve me një sërë metodash me kosto efektive, përfshirë ndërmjetësimin dhe zgjidhjen në gjykate. Shumë mosmarrëveshje për kompensimin zgjidhen në mënyrë efektive kur gjykohen me ndërmjetësim ose në gjykatë, përfshirë çështjet e dëmit, zgjidhjes së martesës, marrëdhëniet e punës, pronësisë intelektuale, shkeljen e kontratës,ndërtimin dhe mosmarrëveshjet e pasurisë.Consult our Attorneys for a thorough evaluation to determine the most cost effective and prompt resolution methods to recouping any losses and protecting your best interests.

Consult Mr. Kastriot Frashëri, Attorney at Law for skilled legal counsel on a full range of civil matters that include:

- Contract Disputes
- Will and Estate Litigation
- Product Liability
- Property Disputes
- Real Estate and Mortgage Disputes
- Builder’s Liens
- Companies
- Builder’s Liens
Construction Law
Labor Relations

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