Honorable Kastriot FRASHËRI

I nderuari, Kastriot Frashëri - Avokat i së Drejtës Publike | Biografi & Fakte

Kastriot Frasheri
  • Attorney
  • Member of the National Chamber Advocacy of Albania of Advocacy
  • Joined the Firm in December 2004
  • Languages: Albanian, English, Italian.


Kastriot Frashëri, since 2004 is an advocate and litigator by training. He has successfully defended his clients before the Tirana Court, all Courts of Appeal of Albania and Superior Court, and others governments commissions. In the day-to-day practice of his legal profession, Mr. Kastriot Frashëri distinguishes himself by the confidence and assurance he inspires to our clients, the attentiveness he gives to details, and his striving to identify our clients’ most important needs and fight for them.

He completed his studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tirana. She attended English Language and Culture at Derby Multicultural Center, Derby, United Kingdom. In 2004 he was awarded the title “Lawyer” by the National Chamber Advocacy of Albania. She has completed her Master's Degree in Science (M.Sc.) at the Doctrine and Exercise Command at the “Spiro Moisiu” Defense Academy in the field of Homeland Security.

His work is contributing in several fields, such as: civil society, journalism, culture and various studies in history and jurisprudence. He is a prominent activist in civil society and human rights protection and in consolidating democratic principles of the development of society and institutions in the country. These values and this activity are reflected in over 460 articles in the Albanian press.

  1. Mr. Frashëri has been engaged since the early days of efforts to overthrow the communist dictatorship, contributing to the foundations of political pluralism in Albania.

He is a participant in many national and international forums, activities and conferences. At the head of the Institute of National Affairs and other forums, at home and abroad, has defended the public interest and national interests.

  1. Mr. Frashëri has been a candidate for the People's Advocate (2011) and (2017), as well as a candidate for President of the Central Election Commission (2012), providing himself an admirable performance of a person with vision and outstanding leadership skills, which are also evidenced by the media.
  1. Mr. Kastriot Frasheri has often been one of the leading actors in peaceful public movements in defense of democratic principles, the rule of law, public spaces, the environment, national security, for the resignation and dismissal of the Governor following scandals and thefts at the Bank of Albania. etc.

    Professional Associations:

    • Member of the National Chamber Advocacy of Albania of Advocacy
    • Member of Tirana Chamber of Advocacy
    • Member of the British-Albanian Lawyers Association (BALA)
    • Member of the Balkans Peace Park Project (B3P)
    • Member of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA)
    • Member of the Albanian Writers and Artists Association
    • Member of the British - Albanian Community, London
    • Member of the Canadian - Albanian Community, Toronto

    Past Professional Activities:

    • Albanian Institute of National Affairs, Director General
    • Albanian Institute of National Affairs, Head of Department of Legal & Administrative Affairs.
    • Albanian Writers and Artists Association, Legal Advisor
    • "The National Interest", Albanian Political Sciences Quarterly, Editor
    • "Album" Newspaper, Editor
    • Albanian Distribution & Development (ADD)Ltd., Legal Advisor
    • PC Store Ltd, Legal Consultant
    • SPAR Albania Ltd, Legal Advisor
    • New Century Ltd, Legal Advisor
    • MW Plan Ltd, Legal Advisor
    • Civic Office for Environmental Protection -ZQMM, Legal Consultant
    • "Fan S. Noli" Patriot and Cultural National Association, Deputy Chairman
Kastriot Frasheri


He is the author, co-author, editor and reviewer of several books. He is author and has published the following books:

"Crazy Republic" - Philosophical Reflections, MediaPrint, Tirana, 2011.
"Canada", INA, Tirana 2008
"Mary Edith Durham - A Great Lady for Albania", Geer, Tirana 2004,
"The National Interest", Albanian Political Science Quarterly, Editor

He is Reviewer of the book "Towards NATO" (2004)

He is editor and Reviewer of the book "Kristo Luarasi, Life and Work", 2009
He is Reviewer of the book "Near and Far", 2010,
He is editor and Reviewer of the book "Albania on the eve of the Peace Conference",
He is editor and Reviewer of the book "Central Albanian Corfu Committee”, etc.
He is redactor and editor of the book “Gjeneral G. F. Phillips dhe Komiteti "Mbrojtja Kombëtare e Kosovës”.
He is editor and Reviewer of the book "Jeta ime mes Shqipërisë dhe Greqisë -Prof. Dr. Paskal Haxhi", Eldora 2017

As a publicist and analyst he has published over 100 articles in Albanian and foreign newspapers and periodicals and has regularly participated in various shows, interviews and debates on Public Radio and TV, as well as on some private and foreign TV.

Professional & Intellectual Activity:

He is an expert in preparing many reports: Special Report on the Judicial Power and Justice System, National Security, Elections, Media and Civil Society in Albania.

He has participated in many national and international conferences and symposiums, inside and outside the country, in various fields such as: culture, history, justice, free elections, human rights, peace, conflict resolution, international relations, public administration etc.


2012 MSc at Doctrine and Exercise Command at the “Spiro Moisiu” Defense Academy, Tirana, in Homeland Security
2004 Attorney at Law by Albanian Chamber of Advocacy
2004 Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, graduate lawyer,
2000 Derby Multicultural Center, Derby, England.

 Honors & Awards:

Honorary Citizen of the Frashër Commune,
Honor in Leadership by Arbëresh Community in Calabria, Italy,
Honor in Leadership by Albanian Community in Turkey.