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The legal firm Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm has a team of experts with exceptional reputation nationally and internationally. Since 2004, Albanian citizens, foreign nationals, many Albanian Nonprofit Organizations & VIP Business company and government officials have believed on our legal services. The firm has a culture of excellence and the attorneys take pride on the quality of their legal and practice work. Ensuring their clients’ rights while maintaining the integrity of the Albanian legal system is what our attorneys strive to achieve every day in accordance with standards of the International Law.

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Our firm’s legal team offers services in several languages and reflects the importance we give to details in providing legal services and delivers a personalized service tailored to our clients’ needs and guarantees complete satisfaction and confidentiality. Transparency, respect, high moral and professional integrity, social responsibility on service, and punctuality are all a part of our culture.

 At Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm, we place particular emphasis on legal writing, an essential part of providing top-notch client service. As we recognize that legal writing is a skill that lawyers should continue to develop throughout their careers, we have developed a comprehensive legal writing program to provide lawyers at all experience levels with opportunities and resources to further refine their skills.

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 Every action we take is based on providing dedicated service with the most thorough knowledge and experience for each particular client’s need – whether it is a matter or transaction that can be resolved quickly, or a complex national or international dispute involving a broad range of legal services reaching across jurisdictions and borders.

 Our approach enables us to be highly responsive with proactive, innovative strategies that helps to create opportunities and transform your needs and goals into successes, agile with extensive industry-relevant knowledge, enabling us to provide comprehensive counsel – not just legal advice in a business vacuum - and connected to the latest industry trends and related business issues, making significant investments to stay abreast of the issues that are highly important to our clients. The hallmark of Kastriot Frashëri’s Law Office success has always been and continues to be legal work of the highest quality, performed by well-prepared lawyers who revere their profession and are devoted to their clients.


Attorney at Law Kastriot Frashëri is a prominent advocate within the lawyers’ community and has contacts with prominent scholars and experts of the field in many countries around the world. Mr. Frashëri is regularly interviewed in written media & major TV channels. He is frequently invited to speak at the Albanian Parliament, in National & International Conferences and Diplomatic events regarding a range of issues and rule of law. The Law Office of Kastriot Frashëri represents corporations, non-profit organizations, media, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals. Our lawyers in Tirana have represented and litigated hundreds of cases throughout the country.

Kastriot Frasheri

Kastriot R. Frashëri was invited to speak for international organizations, for foreign governments as well as in several round-tables regarding the Albanian affairs and rule of law in Albania. In 2012, Mr. Kastriot Frasheri was the candidate to become the Chairman of the Central Commission of Elections. Meanwhile, in 2018 Mr. Kastriot Frashëri was a candidate to become the Ombudsman, to return the institution of the Ombudsman to the People. He stated, in front of the Parliamentary Commission Hearing Meanwhile, in 2018 Mr. Kastriot Frashëri was a candidate to become the Ombudsman, to return the institution of the Ombudsman to the People. He stated, in front of the parliamentary commission that: “I accepted to run the candidacy for the position of the Ombudsman to give integrity to this process, as I am of the opinion that the constitutional institutions, including the institution of the Ombudsman need to be led by people with high moral and professional integrity. I come in this process with a long professional career of more than 25 years, reflected by the media in these hundreds of newspaper pages I am showing to you and you will not find any words that describe me negatively. All you will find are the positive evaluations for my active role, protecting the public interest, the constitutional and legal rights of the citizens, of the environment and cultural heritage, etc. We have been together - with many of you, honorable Members of Parliament – in the history of this country, exchanging constructive debates on different issues of the country. I will not take rime to talk about myself, because my activity has been public and I feel proud of what has been published about me, because everything is recorded in golden letters in the national memory of the country.” To read more about the parliamentary session click here

Lawyer Kastriot Frashëri has been featured in the newspaper Telegraf, Sot, Koha Jonë, TemA, Republika, Panorama, Shekulli, Shqip, Mapo, Standard, Ballkan, etc interview by Faw News TV, Ora News TV, A2TV-CNN Albania, Channel One, News 24 TV, Shijak TV, Klan TV, RTSH, Vizion Plus, quoted by newspapers Sot, Koha Jonë, Telegraf, Republika, Panorama, Shekulli, Shqip, Tirana Observer, Gazeta Shqiptarja.com, CAN, along with over 20 other periodicals around the country.

Unlike other law offices who practice in a variety of legal fields, our Tirana lawyers exclusively practice law in only on the Practice Area, which allows us to be on the cutting edge of the subtle and ever changing interpretations of Albanian procedure and material Law with Judgments Unification of the Supreme Court of Albania. Our lawyers and partners in Tirana and staff speak over six different languages. The Law Office of Kastriot Frashëri represent individuals, large both large and small corporations in all law issues and business related. Our Tirana lawyers litigate cases such as citizenships, immigration, divorce, employment relationships, all contracts, sale and purchase contracts, establishment and registration of NGOs, establishment and registration of a business Limited Trade company, Adjustment of Status, Suspension of Deportation, and Deferred Deportation (deportation order), Cancellation of Removal of Administrative or Court Executive Order, job seekers from the Philippines, and permanent residency for our clients. Our lawyer, honorable Kastriot Frashëri has spoken to Albanian institutions, international organizations in conferences around the world on the various strategies for immigrating and sending foreign employees to the Albania and legal sending Albanians employees to the US, Canada, UK and EU.