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Are you a talented and highly motivated person looking for an attractive employer that values moral and professional integrity, individuality and independence? If so, then you are certainly the right person for us. We stimulate our staff with a wide range of work, an open corporate culture and advanced target training.

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Trainee Lawyers / Substitutes

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Your success and reputation as a lawyer are important to you and to Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm. We provide training opportunities to help you reach your goals and place you among the elite in the profession.

Our training programs are customized for you, whether you are a summer associate, new associate, mid-level attorney or seasoned lawyer.

We are always interested in receiving Applications from new lawyers specializing in all fields etc.


We are always interested in receiving Applications from experts and capable experienced specialists in all fields etc.

Trainee Lawyers / Substitutes

Each year, Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm provides law school graduates with the opportunity to complete a traineeship in preparation for the National Chamber of Advocacy of Albania (NCAA) exam.

We can offer you an insight into the work of a lawyer through traineeships lasting between 9 and 12 months depending on your request in accordance with NCAA requirements at our office in Tirana. You will work with several different lawyers and thus have the opportunity to gain multifaceted experience in various areas of the law, with a focus on commercial law, administrative, family, citizenship or civil law.

We aim to bring your everyday work up to the level of that of a lawyer as soon as possible. In addition to drafting legal advice, you will learn how to deal with clients. With our assistance, you will prepare legal documents of all types and all judicial levels, as well as public administration documents, and will appear independently before the courts and other governmental authorities and agencies. In addition, you will edit and draft contracts and also assist in the incorporation and restructuring of companies, which will serve as an introduction into the world of transactions (M&A), tax appeals and others commissions.


We welcome applications from students who will hold a Master of Law Degree (in principle “Magna Cum Laude”) and will preferably already have completed a traineeship with the courts or an administrative body by the time their traineeship begins. At Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm, we place particular emphasis on legal writing, an essential part of providing top-notch client service. Recognizing that legal writing is a skill that lawyers should continue to develop throughout their careers, we have developed a comprehensive legal writing program to provide lawyers at all experience levels with opportunities and resources to further refine their skills.

If you also have excellent foreign language skills (English, preferably also Italian, German or French) you are welcomed in our staff.

Contact Us

 Please, reference the addressees below for attorney recruiting contacts to our office. To view current openings for attorney positions, as well as summer associate application information, please visit our Careers page.


As a rule, based on the requirements of the law, all interns or persons completing an internship with a lawyer are not paid.

The only exceptions are the cases with special working contact agreements and the salaries correspond to standard local rates.

If you are interested in a traineeship with us, we look forward to receiving your application, together with the standard documents, at:

Tirana Law Office-Frashëri Law Firm
Rruga e Dibrës, Nd. 91, H.4, Tirana or
[email protected]

Practical experience for students

Summer Trainee Program

Would you like to see how it is to work at a law firm and gain practical experience at the same time?

At our office in Tirana, we provide students studying law at an Albanian or foreign University who have completed their Bachelor of Law Degree with the opportunity to gain practical experience at our law firm.

As a summer trainee, you will support our lawyers’ partners and their teams for 3-6 weeks. You will participate in actual client work and will help develop polished solutions, working alongside other team members. You will also attend workshops, presentations and activities specifically tailored to your interests. Our lawyers will be available to answer all of the questions you have always wanted to ask in order to give you a clear picture of what happens at a law firm.

Please send your application (including a Letter of Interest, CV, work certificates and references if applicable) to:

Tirana Law Office-Frashëri Law Firm

Rruga e Dibrës, Nd. 91, H.4, Tirana or
[email protected]
[email protected]