Establishment of Trading Companies, NGOs & Foundations

The Honourable Kastriot Frashëri, and his law office, thanks to his long commitment in the public life of the country since 1994, has gained not only the essential experience but also deep knowledge and extensive know how in legislative techniques covering the fields of constitutional, business and administrative law. As experts, we are well acquainted not only with administrative procedure matters but also in all areas of trade and civil law.

In particular, we are capable of not only advising our clients, but also assisting them in their endeavours to launch a trading company, a non-governmental organization, a foundation or a business, by drafting for them all personalized acts required for their establishment, registration, operation, organization and set-up. In this context, based on our legacy and the appreciation of our clients, we make a difference in terms of drafting to the highest professional standards of the Acts of Establishment, Statutes, Regulations, Code of Ethics, Employment Contracts, etc., in putting into practice the procedural law on commercial companies, law for establishments and registration of non-profit organizations and the law for private legal entities.