Tax Law

Our office in advance advise to all aspects of direct and indirect taxation in domestic, national and international matters. We are open to all clients include VIP corporations and business, big and small business, joint ventures companies, SMEs, individuals and financial institutions of credit.

Our members of the Tax team are well-known of expert countable bodies, General Directorate of Taxes, experts in the Court, that regularly contribute to Albanian business and speak at conferences on tax procedures.

Our service includes:

Corporate Tax

An area of our practice in Business Law is providing tax consultancy advice on corporate structures, transactions and all their needs. We work closely with other teams expert of our firm to provide integrated services with the highest professional standards.

We regularly work for some popular VIP companies, domestic and foreign owned companies, investors and banks in maximizing tax effectiveness, in focus:

  • Tax planning, tax compliance and consulting for corporations
  • International taxation
  • M&A
  • Restructurings and demergers of company
  • Joint ventures and partnering
  • Funding transactions, including structured finance and asset finance
  • Private equity and venture capital investments and exits
  • Investment funds and distribution or investment of dividend
  • Distribution agreements and intellectual property exploitation arrangements
  • Taxation of commercial trusts, foundations and investment companies
  • Taxes and duties in branches like casinos, motor vehicles etc.
  • Advanced tax rulings, tax holidays
  • Appeals & Contested tax issues, tax litigation

Taxation of individuals

We advise Albanians and internationally based individuals, entrepreneurs, company directors, investors, owners of family owned companies, professional sportiest' and artists on income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and tax litigation.

We assist with:

  • Tax planning for entrepreneurs and individuals
  • Establishing and ruling of lump sum taxation
  • Succession planning and inheritance tax
  • Real estate tax
  • Immigration and emigration of individuals to and from Albania
  • Advanced tax rulings and Appel of Tax

We assist with:

Special Taxes and Custom Duties

In addition to corporate and income tax, local tax, commercial activities may provoke several other types of taxes and duties. We advise client in particular on value added tax issues and all other indirect taxes, e.g. tax on casino business, stamp tax or motor vehicle tax and and their operational costs.

We advise our clients in:

  • Structuring processes within corporations and groups (supply chain) to optimize VAT
  • VAT treatment and handling of issues in branches like banking, insurance, distribution, e-commerce, automobiles, real estate etc
  • VAT treatment and handling of issues in branches like banking, insurance, distribution, e-commerce, automobiles, real estate etc.
  • Negotiation with tax authorities and advanced rulings
  • Litigation in tax matters

We advise our clients in:

Taxation of artists and sportiest

We advise professional sportiest, artists and board members of companies on tax issues specific to such groups, in particular on local and foreign source taxes (in origin), tax domiciles, structuring of their income etc.