Legal Assistance for Government Services

The lawyer Kastriot Frashëri and his office "Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm" are a skilful team for the protection of the public interest and for the provision of the legal consultancy and assistance for the legal public persons, as well for the representation and defence of the property interests of the legal person or of the Republic of Albania, for which they select and hire domestic or foreign lawyers or Law Offices.

Our service includes:
• The drafting of the Lawsuits, the collection of the evidence and its submission
• The drafting and the submission of the Notes, Memos, or any type of a procedural act before any courts or domestic or foreign arbitrage body
• Your representation in any courts until the decision is rendered
• Legal assistance for the public legal persons on the field of drafting and preparation of the laws or respective regulations, the drafting of different contracts in the field of public procurements, Sales Contracts, Contracts of Entrepreneurships of public services, etc. 
• The representation of the public legal persons in Negotiations for the drafting of agreements, or the Solution of the Disputes with different subjects
• The representation of the public legal persons in Negotiations for the drafting of agreements, or the Solution of the Disputes with different subjects
• Services of consultancy, notified in compliance with the procedures foreseen in the laws and in the public procurement rules
• Arbitrage and mediation services, the services of representations by the lawyer in the arbitrage and in the judicial processes, the notary services, the ex officio lawyers as well as the expertise for the criminal proceeding, regulated according to the Criminal Procedure Code.

Government Service

Law Office of Kastriot Frasheri, is open to supports government agencies by providing the following services:

State Advocate’s Office of the Republic of Albania support services
Paralegal support services
Legal research
Legal workflow design
Investigative services
Document Scanning
Subcontracting/ legal entrepreneurship
Professional legal support services
Legal Suport Service in Foreign Languages
Court and administrative hearing appearances
Legal Support before and after court
Administrative Support
Contracts Specialist
Document Review
Electronic solutions
Marketing and HR staff
Institutional support services
Contract management
Job replacement issues
Overview of pre-legal cases

Why choose Law Office of Kastriot Frasheri?

Cost-effective alternative to outside law firms
Focused on legal matters
Alternative pricing models
Proven Results
Saved clients over many milions leke on legal services
More than 25.000 hours worked for our clients

Law Office of Kastriot Frasheri and Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm by a Small Business and award-winning legal services firm providing institutional support and innovative legal solutions to government agencies, corporations and law firms. For over 15 years, Law Office of Kastriot Frasheri has been building a network of top legal talent and contract specialists.

In 2019, Law Office of Kastriot Frasheri expanded beyond the commercial and law firm space and added service offerings specifically tailored for state and local government agencies. Today, we open to holds government contracts for institutional support, legal and litigation support, and executive search services, legal staff augmentation, litigation support, managed review, e-discovery, and legal and executive search with best professional standard.

Providing consultancy in order to protect the interests of the Albanian state, in the framework of a potential review and negotiation of the Concession Agreement concluded with Albanian authority and foreign investing company will be our priority in the future.