Pre-Notarial Services
dhe shërbime para-Noteriale

Unfortunately, the wrong tradition has been created in the last 20 years in Albania. The majority of the nationals and of the commercial subjects approach the notary to prepare contracts or to carry out different transactions, such as: immovable property Sale-Purchase Contracts, Donation Contracts, Entrepreneurship Contracts, Rent Contracts, Bank Loan Contracts, Employment Contracts, Service Contracts, Loan Contracts, different Act-Agreements, Wills or Legal Inheritance Testimonies, etc. However, it has been proven over the time that most of them have paid millions of Albanian Lek after getting a document that has been prepared badly. Therefore, very soon, they have ended before the Court to confirm its invalidity by them or a third party. Dear Albanians, all over the world, these acts shall be prepared by your lawyer, in cooperation with the legal representative of the other party. At the end of this process, after you have received the act (prepared with professionalism buy your lawyer), you can address to the Notary to verify the signature or any further action, that may be required.

Our experience and business-focused approach mean that we can offer our clients a wide range of First-Class pre notarial and supporting services. In addition to preparing a legal document that will be signed and delivered, especially one regarding the ownership or legal rights and any other documents, our aim is to give advice on the envisaged transaction and to add guarantee and value to the process through a solution-oriented approach in the client interest.

This means that of all well-established contacts in order to facilitate transactions in Albania and estate transactions and other pre notarial services can be carried out throughout all of Albania, directly or indirectly.

Our services include:

  • Sale and purchase of real estate such as land, apartments and villas for individuals or companies.
  • Pledge and mortgage
  • Registration of condominium rights
  • Registration of lease agreements
  • Sale and lease back
  • Transfer of real estate portfolios
  • Development of land for reorganization of use or sale
  • Entrepreneurship Contract
  • Notarizations under foreign law for titles in foreign country (in cooperation with foreign notaries and lawyers)

In Corporate service:

  • Incorporation investitorët e saj.
  • Share capital increase
  • Merger, demerger, transformation of corporate
  • Amendments to Articles of Statute or Act-Establishing of the Company
  • Regjistrimi dhe Noterizimi i mbledhjeve të aksionarëve të kompanive
  • Liquidation
  • Recording and Notarization of shareholders’ meetings of listed companies
  • Strukturimi i grupeve të kompanive në lidhje me bashkimin / ndarjen e kompanive
  • Structuring groups of companies in connection with a merger/demerger. Sale of a major part of an industrial plant due to relocation of production. Drafting and Notarizations under Albanian law for the sale and purchase of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) shares, merger, demerger and transformation (in cooperation with Albanian notaries and lawyers), under foreign law for pledges on shares of LLPs (in cooperation with foreign law firms)

Estate Planning:

  • Drafting and Development of agreement wills
  • Marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Estate planning for unmarried couples
  • Execution of wills/ marriage and inheritance contracts
  • Division of estates
  • Certificates of inheritance
  • Incorporation of foundations, amendments to foundation deeds, merger and liquidation od foundation or NGO
  • Inventory of a decedent’s estate
  • Estate planning following change of residence or acquisition of a secondary residence (for Albanian and foreign residents, in cooperation with foreign law firms)
  • Sale and purchase of portfolios of titles in real estates
  • Implementation of the Albania part of a European sale and lease back
  • Counsel to any investors on the purchase of real estate titles for a real estate,shopping mall and hotel to be constructed in Albania