Intellectual Property Right, Distribution Relations and Protection of Information Technology

Our advice about to Protection of Intellectual Property Right, Copyright, Brand, Patents, Trademark and Inventions

Intellectual property and technology transfer

Apart creating, registration and maintaining brands and their developing, our office will be always ready on the protecting innovative products and solutions are key to the value of a business. We view the protection and management of intellectual property as a strategic matter that is integral to a company’s operation.

Our intellectual property staff advises all clients on the protection, enforcement and exploitation of all types of Intellectual property (IP) rights as known: (patents, copyright, trademarks, designs, database rights, know-how, trade secrets and protection from slavish copying and other violation of rights under the law on unfair competition).

We advise our clients on the development of a business' intellectual property strategy and all aspects of its implementation, from start up registration and protection through exploitation, enforcement and anti-counterfeiting from third parties. Under the conditions of an informal economy and the lack of the rule of law, consumer protection from forged patents and trademarks not only undermines the image of the company, but also the life of the consumer obliging us to find the fastest legal solutions to protect the interests of each subject. We working closely with our colleagues of tax and competition enable us to find practical solutions to the complex intellectual property issues involved. We also regularly advise our clients on the Intellectual Property aspects through giving the recommendations to show due diligence in connection with acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures and litigate to enforce intellectual property rights and defend infringement claims, using alternative dispute resolution such as mediation where appropriate.

 Information Technology and Outsourcing

Our team is well versed in assisting any client in purchasing, developing, protecting, licensing, embracing new technology and defending technology assets. We are also known for supporting high tech companies in establishing their rights and entry market of their innovations (including e-commerce and online auctions or sale) and drafting outsourcing and software development agreements, as well as for advising high tech companies on M&A, public offerings and joint ventures and for carrying out due diligence investigations.

Commercial Contracts and Distribution Solutions

Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm offers legal services with regard to the entire range of development, manufacturing, procurement, marketing, distribution authorized and protection of our clients’ products and services. Our expertise covers Albania, European and international business relationships. We advise our clients in relation to various non-regulated business areas as well as on regulated industries, e.g. life sciences, telecommunication, energy, transport, and financial services.

  • Distribution Authorized strategies including distribution, agency, franchise and license agreements
  • Sale, purchase, wholesale and other supply agreements
  • Manufacturing and maintenance agreements
  • Service and quality management agreements
  • Marketing, media and sponsoring agreements
  • Transport agreements, guarantees, letters of credit, shipping and customs documents
  • General terms and conditions
  • Product liability risk, and pro-active strategies
  • B2B (providing raw material to the other company that will produce output) and B2C (process for selling products or services directly to consumer or other businesses) online transactions
  • National or International Procurement Agreements for companies
  • Public procurement and compliance procedures

Our legal services comprise in particular the drafting, negotiation, implementation and enforcement of agreements, negotiations and proceedings with governmental authorities, and the rendering of expert opinions for business and official institutions.

Our service includes:

  • Intellectual Property and their Protection (incl. advertising) with:
  • Providing consulting services to a major sports brand regarding counterfeiting issues
  • Registration of trademarks, some containing descriptive terms, for major Albania companies.
  • Drafting standard contract documentation for the supply and sellers, including general conditions of sale, purchasing, supply and their service agreements.
  • Drafting of standard contract documentation for editors, redactors, correctors, media, art, music and research organizations on the Copyright, Brand, Patents, Trademark and Inventions.
  • Advising software manufacturers and Consulting and drafting of complex license agreements for IT companies. Advising food manufacturers and Consulting and drafting of complex license agreements for Pharmaceutical companies.