Labour Relations, Social Insurance
and the Military Status

The Lawyer Kastriot Frashëri and our legal office "Tirana Law Office-Frasheri Law Firm"– are a professional team for the defence and the solution of the cases of the military status in Albania.

Due to several qualifications and a Master Degree in National Security by the Academy of Defence as well as the long experience in the civil and administrative courts defending the persons who have unfairly been dismissed from their jobs, the high level of professional language and expertise on the implementation of the Military Status and the regulatory laws “On the protection and social insurance of the serviceman of the armed forces” and the law “On supplementary social insurance of the servicemen of the Armed Forces, the employees of the State Police, of the Guard of the Republic, of the Intelligence Service, of the Police Forces of Prisons, of the Police Forces for the Protection from Fire and Saving the Employees of the Internal Control Service in the Republic of Albania”, in the scheme of the pensions of the servicemen that are in reserve and that have been released, and the ones that have been dismissed, we provide in real time, not only the preparation of the Lawsuit and its accompanying acts before any court, but also the professional drafting of any Individual Work Contract and practical advice on Labour Code and the status of the serviceman adapted for the needs of our clients, including the cases of social insurance. This experience has resulted positive in our long-term relations with our clients. Several of them are satisfied with the compensation they have received as a result of unfair dismissal from work.

Our service includes:

  • Drafting the Lawsuits, providing evidence and filing them;
  • Representing you before the court until the decision is rendered;
  • The actions for the execution of the Execution Order by the judicial bailiff;
  • The representation of the servicemen during the procedures and negotiations or the judicial processes in the courts.
  • The cases of the collective discussions including the disputes among the laws on employment with the military organizations or the ones of the discharged state police employees.
  • The collective and individual negotiations related to the Individual and Collective Work Contracts in the matters of the servicemen’s status.