Citizenship, Immigration, Expulsion and Refugees

Our Firm's Main Area of Practice

  • One of our main area of our practice is the broad field of immigration. Our legal team helps Albanian citizens who want to emigrate to one of the EU countries, the US, Canada, UK, Australia etc., but also foreign citizens immigrate to Albania from Turkey and Europe, United States, or elsewhere. Our professional services include but are not limited to
  1. Work or study Permits
  2. Residence Permit for Foreigners
  3. Permanent Residence
  4. Albanian citizenship
  5. Reunification of families
  6. Refugee claims & Detention reviews
  7. Detention reviews
  8. Applications to Permit Residence your legal status in Albania
  9. Extradition
  10. Refusal of Entry at the Border
  11. Removing Expulsion

Our legal team will not leave legal instrument unturned in the search of a legal way to serve your needs.

  • To obtain citizenship in Albania, please do not hesitate to ask our attorneys.