Business Law

Rights and obligations to constitute and manage a company.

Our legal team for many years has supports and advises national and international investors, entrepreneurs, profit and non-profit organizations about their rights and obligations on how to doing business, open and manage a company in Albania. In addition to legal advice, after listening carefully to your idea or needs, our lawyer team will help you in real time and with the highest professional standards for:

  1. Draft the appropriate and necessary legal documents such as Act-Establishment, Company Statute and Business Registration, Shareholder Agreements, resolutions of the board of directors
  2. File the annual updating income declaration, or the reconstitute of company, etc., and all financial operations,
  3. Finalize transactions dealing with acquisition or transfer of shares.
  4. Representation of the company before any public administration body and court.
  5. Assistance for the preparation of the documentation necessary to participate in different tenders, in public procurements for the needs of any Albanian or foreign company.
  6. We provide the appropriate legal assistance or information for any Albanian company on the regulatory laws in a special field including the amendments of the law.

Our goal is to ensure for everyone’s rights, in compliance with legal obligations, and assure & avoid future legal disputes.