Administrative Law

Ensuring the Best Service from Government Authorities.

In the past years, Albania has increasingly become an administrative state. The government decision-making institutions and law-enforcement agencies an affect citizens’ lives daily. Our lawyers’ team is there to assist you in ensuring that our government officials respect your rights and procedural rules of justice, including opportunity to be heard, and receiving justified reasons of a negative decision against you. Our attorneys apart from our commitment to the public administration bodies are presented with professionalism, even before all Albanian Courts civil or administrative including First instance Courts of Republic, Court of Appeal, and High Court of Albania defending or represent our clients from a multitude of administrative other commissions, such as in the area of tax appeal, the civil service commission, the commission for protection of personal data, registration of real estate, building permits, legalization of informal buildings, social security etc.

 Specialized in matters of Public and Administrative Law

Attorney at Law, Hon. Kastriot Frashëri for 30 years has his contribution to the improvement of the Albanian legislation and its approximation with the European Union legislation. In these circumstances our office Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm traditionally has broad knowledge on and extensive experience in the fields of constitutional and administrative law. We are well recognized as experts on matters of administrative law on all governmental levels (legislative, central executive and municipal) in almost all areas of public law.

In particular, we advise our clients on the entire range of regulatory issues in life sciences, health, immigrating law, in public economic law, in approval and infrastructure matters, in construction and planning law, family law, employment law, in public procurement procedures and related proceedings in court.

For many years we have advise government agencies, state enterprises, other public entities and NGO with functions in the public sector as well as private persons who exercise state power or public service. Also, our attorney Mr. Frashëri has held positions on many issues of public law, public interest and public space protection on TVs and has written many editorials in Albanian newspapers.

We offer a broad range of services covering all different variety of legal services such as legal opinions, drafting projects and bills, consulting on and leading proceedings before government agencies and courts in all public law matters.

Our clients will be benefit from individual, tailor-made solutions to their issues. We lead them to their goals efficiently while considering both the big panorama and related questions in other fields of practice.