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Welcome to Frashëri Law Firm official website! The firm Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm leads a legal team of exceptional reputation nationally and internationally. Since 2004, Albanian citizens, foreign nationals, many Albanian Nonprofit organizations & VIP Business companies and government officials have relied on the firm’s legal services. The firm has a culture of excellence and the attorneys take pride on the quality of their legal and practice work. Ensuring their clients’ rights while maintaining the integrity of the Albanian system is what the firm’s attorneys strive to achieve every day.

Our firm’s multi-lingual legal team reflects the importance we give to details in providing legal services. Our team delivers a personalized service tailored to our clients’ needs and guarantees complete satisfaction and confidentiality. Transparency, respect, and punctuality are all part of our culture.

Practice Areas

In National & International Law


Emigracion Espuls

One of our main area of our practice is the broad field of immigration. Our legal team helps Albanian citizens who want to emigrate to one of the EU countries, the US, Canada...

Ligji i Biznesit

Our legal team for many years has supports and advises national and international investors, entrepreneurs, profit and non-profit organizations about their rights and obligations on how to doing business...

Korporatat & Shoqëritë Tregtare

Honorable Kastriot Frashëri, for many years leader in the Administrative and Business Development Management with a demonstrated history of working in the think tanks industry...


Separation is unfortunately sometimes the only possible solution. However, separating or divorcing in the most amicable way possible is our goal and your next best option. Our team will help you... 

Çështje Administrative

In the past years, Albania has increasingly become an administrative state. The government decision-making institutions and law-enforcement agencies an affect citizens’ lives daily...

Labour Law

Attorney at Law Kastriot Frashëri and his office "Tirana Law Office-Frasheri Law Firm" is recognized as having one of the most skilled teams of finding and resolutions issues of employment in Tirana...

Konsulencë dhe përfaqësim në çështje gjyqësore

When personal or business civil law matters turn into complex legal problems, consult a knowledgeable civil litigation attorney to protect your best interests. The unforeseeable risks and complex regulatory framework...

Pronësia Intelektuale dhe Teknologjia e Informacionit

Our advice about to Protection of Intellectual Property Right, Copyright, Brand, Patents, Trademark and Inventions.. 

Shërbime Legalizimi, Apostile, Përkthimi dhe Legalizime Konsullore

We offer to individual or businesses the opportunity to speed up notarizations using courier and postal services when the document does not need to be signed in the presence of a notary

Ndërmjetësim & Negociata dhe Zgjidhje e Konfikteve

Another main area of our work is the broad field of Mediation and Negotiations. Our legal team helps in Mediation & Negotiations and Conflicts Resolution in all your disputes as well as those against third parties.

Marrëdhëniet e Punës & Statusi i Ushtarakut

Frasheri Law Firm"– are a professional team for the defence and the solution of the cases of the military status in Albania. Due to several qualifications and a Master Degree...

Prokurime Ushtarake

Our experienced legal firm provides assistance and expertise in the field of classified and military procurement. We offer our assistance in the preparation of the necessary documentation...

Prokurime Publike

We have long-standing experience with public procurement and in structuring for infrastructure, energy, gas, petrol, and industrial facilities projects.Our law firm has experience and offers qualified assistance...

Shërbime para-Noteriale

Unfortunately, the wrong tradition has been created in the last 20 years in Albania. The majority of the nationals and of the commercial subjects approach the notary to prepare contracts...


Frashëri Law Firm, is the only legal office in Albania that offers every individual or sport subject to its expertise and legal services through our expert qualified foreign university graduates...


Our office in advance advise to all aspects of direct and indirect taxation in domestic, national and international matters. We are open to all clients...

Shërbime Qeveritare

he Honourable Kastriot Frashëri, and his law office, thanks to his long commitment in the public life of the country since...

Shërbime Qeveritare

 The Law Firm Frashëri" has a skilful team for the protection of the public interest and for the provision of the legal consultancy and legal assistance for the legal public persons...


Frashëri Law Firm provides expertise in connection with construction, real estate and industrial facilities. Our attorneys have worked for contractors...

Penale & Kriminale

Our attorneys also practice in penal, criminal, and disciplinary law in Albania representing clients nationally. The right to an attorney is a Constitutional right and we ensure that...

Founder & Leadership of the Albanian Civil Society

His Excellence Kastriot Frashëri answers questions from members of Parliament.

Kastriot Frasheri
Kastriot Frasheri

Media Relations

The lawyer Kastriot Frashëri is a prominent advocate within the lawyer’s community and has contacts with prominent scholars in many countries around the world and is regularly interviewed by major press & TV's and invited to speak at Albanian Parliament, National & International Conferences and diplomatic events regarding of range issues and rule of law.

Kastriot Frasheri
Kastriot Frasheri
Kastriot Frasheri
Kastriot Frasheri

About Our Firm

At Tirana Law Office - Frashëri Law Firm, we place particular emphasis on legal writing, an essential part of providing top-notch client service. As we recognize that legal writing is a skill that lawyers should continue to develop throughout their careers, we have developed a comprehensive legal writing program to provide lawyers at all experience levels with opportunities and resources to further refine their skills.

Firm's Culture

Every action we take is based on providing dedicated service with the most thorough knowledge and experience for each particular client’s need – whether it is a matter or transaction that can be resolved quickly, or a complex national or international dispute involving a broad range of legal services reaching across jurisdictions and borders.

Meet our lawyer located in Tirana


Frashëri Law Firm is located at the heart of Tirana and you can find us on Twitter, Linkedin, and our website. If your prefer a more personalized experience you can call us +355 68 60 00 067 or visit us at our office: From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 tto 17:00. We are located downtown of Tirana in Rruga e Dibres, near "Stela Hotel"

To get to our offices from the city center, just follow these simple directions.
On foot: From "Scanderbeg Square" walk towards Rruga e Dibres, Sheshi Selvia" Nga sheshi Skënderbej ecni drejt rrugës së Dibrës, drejt “Sheshit Selvia”.

2- With car: From Rruga e Barrikadave turn right on the street Zenel Baboçi and turn right on the street Abdulla Keta to final stop with crossroad Rruga e Dibrës.


Marcel Steiner 25.11.2019

As a Swiss who has been working and living in Albania for many years, I have required the legal services of Atty Kastriot Frashëri and have received his support and more than satisfactory solutions every time. His general knowledge, his knowledge, professional ethics and hist high moral and professional integrity have convinced me of his indisputable authority as a lawyer in dealing with matters of law. While appreciating his involvement in public life and in the network of societal elite, domestically and abroad, his acquaintance with all social strata and government administration enables him to offer quick and simple solutions, according to the highest professional standards, for the clients that he represents.

Nelly Syupyur Choreographer, Aug. 2019

I want to express my gratitude and thank the wonderful person and excellent lawyer Kastriot Frashëri. He helped us by providing legal aid for our staying permit. He is a true friend. He provided not only legal, but also moral support. Thank you, Kastriot!
Faleminderit Kastriot!

Mark Mexhaj

“I had a long and difficult case with Municipal Tirana with an Building Permits which overlapped with my house and Kastriot Frashëri and his staff kept us updated throughout the process told us how long it would be and told us to follow their instructions and we will receive a positive decision by court. We felt very confident throughout the entire process because we knew we had someone who is an expert and we received a great decision in 2018. They did a great job.“